The Department of Correctional Services (DCS) is seeking to procure the service of a Procurement Specialist. The objective is to build capacity in strategic procurement, with a view to improving efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery and enable closer alignment with the strategic plans of the DCS.

The DCS is therefore seeking to engage the services of a Consultant with option of an annual renewal. The ideal candidate should possess general experience in strategic procurement and has administrative experience in the public sector.

The Consultant will be required to, among other things:

  1. Manage the procurement of goods, consulting services and non-consulting services to ensure value for money in accordance with the relevant policies/guidelines
  2. Develop and maintain adequate controls and procedures to accomplish the proper and timely recording and reporting of the physical flows of all assets including materials and equipment
  3. Provide accurate and timely advice on procurement matters to all internal stakeholders as required
  4. 4. Manage the acceptance of grants/gifts to the Department in keeping with established policies and guidelines
  5. 5. Lead and manage the Unit in the achievement of the above strategic objectives


The DCS now invites eligible consultants to submit Curriculum Vitae (CV) with a view to being shortlisted by the DCS. Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skill sets, etc.).


The selected Consultant must possess a valid Tax Compliance Certificate/Letter prior to the award of contract.

The selection will be based on the Consultant’s Qualifications (CQS) in accordance with the GOJ Procurement Guidelines as set out in the Handbook for Public Sector Procurement (March 2014). The full detail of the engagement are included in the request for CV documents as of Saturday October 14, 2017 on the websites of the Department of Correctional Services (www.dcs.gov.jm) and the Office of the Contractor General (www.ocg.gov.jm).


The closing date for CV is Monday October 23, 2017 and must be delivered to the address below 3:00 p.m. in a sealed envelope clearly marked:

Senior Director, Human Resource Management & Administration
Department of Correctional Services
5-7 King Street, Kingston
Tel: 967-2781-3, 922-0021-2 ext 2227;
Direct S/L: 750-3656
Fax: 922-2574
Email: hrm@dcs.gov.jm

Individual seeking clarification may contact the Department of correctional Services at the above contact.

Late Submissions will not be accepted.


# CRITERIA MAX Points Points Awarded Comments
1. Specific Qualifications of the Candidate Relevant to the Assignment as Outlined in Terms of Reference: 25    
1.1 Undergraduate degree in Management Studies, Business Administration, Public Sector Management or equivalent qualification and training 15    
1.2 Training in GOJ Procurement Policies, analyzing asset movements and inventory management 10    
2. Specific Experience of Candidate as Described in the Terms of Reference 25    
2.1 Years of experience in purchasing, preparation of Tenders, and negotiating contracts for goods and services.
  1. 5 or more years – 10 points
  2. 2 - 4 Years – 5 points
  3. 0 - 2 Years – 1 point
2.2 Years of Experience working with Public Sector in control and procedural management of assets to include materials and equipment
  1. 5 or more years – 5 points
  2. 2 - 4 Years – 5 points
  3. 0 - 2 Years – 1 point
2.3 Proven Track Record of working effectively within Multi-disciplinary teams
  1. Excellent – 5
  2. Good – 3
  3. Satisfactory –1
  4. Poor – 0
2.4 Working Knowledge of GOJ’s eProcurement Portal
  1. Excellent – 5
  2. Good – 3
  3. Satisfactory –1
  4. Poor – 0
3 Problem Solving and Knowledge of GOJ and International Funding Partners Guidelines: 20    
3.1 Evidence of good judgment exercised – using response from interview questions 5    
3.2 Demonstrated the ability to design innovative solutions and solve problems on the job 5    
3.3 Knowledge of GoJ and funding partners procedures and guidelines 5    
3.4 Teamwork – demonstrated the ability to work well in team and with superiors, peers, and reporting staff 5    
4 Customer Service, Time Management and Interpersonal Skills: 20    
4.1 Communication – articulates ideas clearly. Working level fluency in local language(s)/knowledge of local culture. 8    
4.2 Demonstrated the ability to manage time independently and work efficiently 8    
4.3 Demonstrated ability to be customer focused 4    
5 Professional References which indicates successful completion of similar work (2 references) 10