States Minister to transform the Carl Rattray Staff College

Published: Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Department of Correctional Services welcomes Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Gary Rowe as the Commissioner of Corrections. Lt. Col (Retired) Rowe’s appointment took effect on April 11, 2019. Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Rowe, has over 32 years of experience in the field of security, having served in the Jamaica Defence Force and the Ministry of National Security.

Commissioner Rowe holds a Master’s Degree in International Security and Strategy from Kings College London, England. Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Rowe will focus on strengthening the management and operational systems within the DCS.

Speaking at the 77th Intake of Correctional Officers and Probation Aftercare Officers Batch 1901 Graduation Ceremony recently, he said "the strengthening of Correctional Officers and Probation Aftercare Officers is designed to ensure robust networking and a common language towards rehabilitation across the DCS portfolio. An understanding and mastering of this idea will put our team, the Correctional Services on a fast track towards enhanced results.

This will ultimately transform the Correctional System and strengthen the rehabilitation efforts to ensure successful reintegration of offenders." Lt. Col. (Retired) Gary Rowe. Commissioner Rowe will visit all Correctional Centres and Probation Aftercare offices soon, based on a schedule that is being created, which will be communicated to all staff members.

We wish the Commissioner success in his effort to assist the Department of Correctional Services to become the centre of excellence in correctional management in the Caribbean.