New Broughton Sunset Correctional Centre graduates 18 Inmates from Step out and Strive Programme

Published: Monday, February 26, 2018

Eighteen inmates at the New Broughton Rehabilitation Centre were the first set of graduates from the Step Out and Strive, SOAS Programme.

SOAS which is spearheaded by the Probation After-Care Division of the Department of Correctional Services, DCS, was pioneered at the New Broughton Rehabilitation Centre in Cross Keys, Manchester. The programme allows inmates to be engaged in a series of interactive sessions which helps to stimulate their thoughts through Music and Art. Some of the activities which they participate in include singing, acting and poetry.

In addressing the graduates at the Inaugural Closing Ceremony on February 17, Deputy Commissioner, Custodial Services at the DCS, Ms Joyce Stone, charged the participants to become catalysts for change and to aid in making Jamaica a better place.

"Greatness is inside of you but the only person who can pull it out is yourself. Self is the greatest barrier between success and yourself and it is what is going to determine if you fail or succeed. Be an agent of change; use this experience to become better persons and not only to become better persons but to help other persons to become better. I charge you today to become men to mention," she said.

Since February, the programme has been introduced in two other institutions, Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre and the St. Catherine Adult Correctional Centre. The next cohort is expected to graduate from the programme in June 2018.